This is the Garment Collection created for the Fashion and Textile Design Degree conferred to me by the University of the Republic of Uruguay’s School of Design.

Negra” is the outcome of an Academic Degree Thesis. This Thesis deals mainly with the concept of sustainability and the use of wool as the main raw material, material which Uruguay is one of the world’s largest producer. This line of jackets was made using local raw materials, also local industrialized wool fabrics, and recicled leather gloves made by the last leather gloves workshop in the city. In order to accomplish the smallest amount of waste every garment was constructed by the smallest amount of fabric pieces and in some cases only one. By using those limiting rules new shapes appeared creating and estimulating the noir misterious, elegant and suspense aesthetic concept.

Negra was chosen to shoot the graphic image of Moweek, Montevideo Fashion Week A/W 2011.